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CNN Coverage of RIoT's Big Job Contest

CNN's Vanessa Yurkevich interviews RIoT Demo Night participant and reports on the state of the labor market

CNN attended RIoT Demo Night and interviewed Karly Pavlinac Blackburn, with coverage from RIoT's Big Job Contest. The “Big Job Contest” introduced two highly-skilled candidates to three hiring companies, Exelaration, Smashing Boxes and Device Solutions. The goal was to find the perfect job opportunity for each candidate, live on stage.

"We are encouraging employers to think differently about where they look for talent. Today, many only look at university graduates and are not meeting incredible talent coming out of code schools, digital certification programs and a new generation of self-taught entrepreneurs. The Big Job Contest is an effort to start a conversation about rethinking hiring paradigms," commented RIoT's Executive Director, Tom Snyder.

Karly, a marketing professional from Wilmington, NC, has tried some unconventional approaches, like sending a resume cake to Nike on the Drew Barrymore Show. Her resume cake went viral and also landed her an interview with Good Morning America but no offer from Nike, yet. Following the RIoT event, Karly and the other contestant, Brandon Mathis, have been approached by several organizations and are in discussions.

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