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At the intersection of society and technology,

WRC is developing solutions to improve humanity.

In today’s digital era, we are passionate about creating an equity of opportunity for all.  Our core initiatives and offerings are designed to improve wireless and emerging data technologies, accelerate tech startups, support entrepreneurs, and drive economic development through education programs, research & development labs, digital job skills training, events and a startup accelerator.


We are a collective of three core initiatives.


WRC Technologies is an innovation hub dedicated to applied wireless research and engineering. Focused on the development, engineering, and testing of antenna, RF and wireless technologies, we foster global collaboration with companies, industry groups, academic institutions and other research organizations to deliver products and services that advance wireless technology innovation.

Engineering and design services

State-of-the-art facilities

Certified testing lab

ISO accredited

Dish Antenna
A person using VR wearable device
RIoT Logo (1).png

RIoT is an economic development group focused on emerging data companies and technologies, including IoT, Web 3.0 and metaverse. Locally, regionally and globally, we bring together academics, industry leaders, investors and entrepreneurs through:

Startup accelerator

Community events

Education programs

R&D lab


ConnectedCommunities bridges the digital divide with high-speed, open-access broadband networks, upskilling, and job creation and placement for underserved communities.

Public-private partnerships

Connectivity & access

Digital skills training


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