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IoT to Spark Efficiencies in Government and Opportunities for Downtown Businesses

[Via] "A $14.5 million federal grant as part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is bringing pioneering new technologies to Downtown Wake Forest that can improve the delivery of critical public services and provide residents and small businesses with actionable information in real time.

“When you see the word ‘smart,’ that really just means IoT and data. Once you start collecting data in real-time, you can increasingly begin to automate things.” — Tom Snyder, WRC Vice President & RIoT Executive Director

"Town officials recently installed Internet of Things (“IoT”) devices at seven locations along Owen Avenue and South White Street. The technology consists of IoT sensors that identify things like traffic patterns, pedestrian flow, event headcount, parking space availability, and public safety hazards. Data from the sensors will inform Town planners and emergency management personnel but will also be shared with local merchants to help them craft marketing strategies and gauge staffing needs."


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