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FCC Council Unanimously Adopts Report on Addressing Digital Discrimination in the US

Recommendations and Best Practices to Prevent Digital Discrimination and Promote Digital Equity

The FCC’s Communications Equity and Diversity Council (CEDC) unanimously adopted its Digital Empowerment and Inclusion (DEI) Working Group’s report, Recommendations and Best Practices to Prevent Digital Discrimination and Promote Digital Equity, offering distinct and actionable recommendations for addressing digital discrimination and creating more equitable digital access for all Americans.

In addition to other recommendations, the report recommends that states and localities work with nonprofit organizations, communities, and the private sector to “promote digital skilling” and ensure consumers have “safe spaces to access the internet.” That includes applying for jobs, registering for services and banking online. The group also recommended workforce development and training opportunities with a focus on underrepresented communities.

"We applaud the FCC's commitment to digital equity and are honored to contribute to this important work. The 'if-you-build-it-they-will-come' mentality around broadband access misses a key point—if people lack digital skills, they cannot take full advantage of the access and the report addresses this critical aspect." — Matthew Bauer, WRC VP, Connected Communities and CEDC member, Innovation and Access Working Group

Inline with the CEDC's recommendation to address digital skills as part of a holistic solution, WRC's Connected Communities DigitalBridge initiative focuses on digital skills and workforce development for underserved communities in the US, matching digital training with in-demand job opportunities.

Contact WRC to request more information about DigitalBridge and how it may benefit your community.


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